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Kaman Blog

Chris Kaman has a blog on  Now, whereas he is a better NBA center than me, I feel it's safe to say that I am a better blogger.  Of course, you have to balance that with the possibility that someone might actually care what he has to say.

I was very disappointed in his first post.  Posted Oct. 19, 4 days after the Clippers had offered him a $50M extension, it contained not a word about the contract.  It did however offer such astute analysis as "They speak a differnt language in Russia."

But I gotta say, Chris cowboyed up on his second post.  There's some not uninteresting talk of his sore hamstring, and finally a little bit about the extension.  He is saying all the right things about it.  

I'm trying to get a deal done and the Clippers offered me a deal. I just think I'm worth a little bit more than that, so we're working on it. We're negotiating and I'm trying to get it done before the 31st. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and I'll wait until next year. But we are trying to get something done. I'm looking forward to the season more than anything and I'm trying not to worry about all that stuff right now.

Fair enough.  They offered me a deal.  I think I deserve a little more.  We're working on it.  No, I gotta feed my family.  No posturing about playing for another team.  Good for you Chris.  I hope you get your money, and remain a Clipper (but not too much more - we need to sign Shaun too).