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The Waiver Wire

OK, so the roster is at 14.  Maybe now, when some decent role players are being cut from bloated rosters, is the time to act.  

There are three players that were released in the last few days that I would look at if I were the GM.

Luke Jackson - the number 10 pick in the 2004 draft, he never really got a chance in Cleveland between a knee injury and the fact that he plays the same position as some kid named LeBron.  He's got good size, he can shoot, and he can take the ball to the rim as well.  He'll play in the NBA this year - Boston, already loaded with young projects, just wasn't the right place for him.

Casey Jacobsen - the 22nd pick in the 2002 draft, he can do one thing - shoot the ball.  He made 75 of 180 threes (42%) in Phoenix his second year in the league.

Kevin Pittsnogle - I've lobbied for Pittsnogle before.  If you want to carry someone with size, why not have it be someone who can also shoot the ball?  A smart player, he was one of the toughest match-ups in the Big East last year, and this was a league with Rudy Gay and Randy Foye.  He made 40% of his college threes, and is one of the few white guys who looks OK inked up.