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Kaman Signs

I know I'm a little late on this story, Clipper Nation.  Saturdays I'm "Coach Steve" instead of ClipperSteve, coaching ClipperMax and ClipperZoe in AYSO soccer.  LB United won today... I don't want to talk about what happened with the Red Flames.

I got the following comment on my Clipper's Season Preview today: that Kaman is signed, you have one less reason to fear the snowballing bad attitudes. Will it ever be possible for a long-time Clipper fan to can his fatalism?

It's a good question.  You know, the word unprecedented sure seems to be getting applied to the Clippers a lot lately.  But to actually EXTEND a contract before it has expired....  I don't think the organization had ever OFFERED an extension before Chris Kaman, much less actually close the deal.

According to Jason Reid in the LA Times, the contract is worth 5/$52M, with incentives that could make it worth $55M.  Seems pretty reasonable.  

I actually have some mixed feelings about the contract, but I'll save that for another post.  For now, I'll just rejoice at the PRECEDENT.  It truly does seem like a new day in Clipper Nation.  The top 8 players are all signed for this year and next year.  And we have every reason to believe that by the time Sam Cassell retires at 38, Shaun Livingston will be locked up for 5 years.  

Wow.  Let me catch my breath.  Can a long-time Clipper fan can his fatalism?  Well, I'm trying.  Maybe there's a 12 step program somewhere.