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ClipperSteve was Wr...Wro...Wron...

Remember when Fonzie had to say he was wrong?  Oh, that Fonzie.  The Fonz!  I don't know if you recall, but he was cool.

Or then there was the time on Mad About You when Jamie was fantasizing about Paul, and he said, "I was wrong, and then not to admit I was wrong?  ... More wrong."  Solid sit-comedy.

But ClipperSteve can admit when he's wrong.  It doesn't happen much, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but when it happens, I'll admit it.  

Back in August, I posted something on the old blog about the Kaman rumors that were circulating at the time.  It included this line

I would be shocked... SHOCKED.... if the Clippers extend Kaman this summer. And while I often criticize the front office for being short-sighted, in this case, I couldn't agree more.

So, there you have it, I was wrong, and now I am SHOCKED.  

I still don't think they should have extended him at this point from a basketball standpoint.  I just don't think it would cost them a lot more to wait, and it would give them more flexibility, and frankly another season of performance data on which to base a decision.  BUT, in terms of announcing to the world, "This is not your father's Clippers franchise," this was exactly the right move.  In fact, that's why I am shocked - I guess I didn't think DTS had really changed.  Matching the Heat's offer to Brand?  No-brainer.  Matching Maggette's Utah offer?  A bargain.  Cassell for 2/$13M?  Also a bargain.  

Kaman for 5/$52M before his current deal is done when he would be restricted if they did nothing?  Well, why would the 'old' Clippers do that?  Answer: they wouldn't.  But these are the new Clippers, and determined to prove it.

Art Thompson's account of the Kaman extension from Sunday's OC Register contained this:

"The negotiation process in getting this deal was really rewarding for me and Chris," Kaman's agent, Rob Pelinka, said Saturday evening.

"From (owner) Donald Sterling down, there is a real sense of passion and energy in the Clippers franchise right now to advance a winning culture and become one of the elite young teams in the NBA."

This is an agent... talking about Donald T. Sterling and the Clippers organization.

In other developments, Karl Rove praised Democratic critics of the war in Iraq as brave and patriotic, as a cold front moved into Hades.

Oh, and I admitted I was wrong.