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Preview Review

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Here's a quick tour of the Preview's available on that there interweb.'s camp previews are so cursory and surface as to be almost useless.  Let's hope they're planning on doing a real preview at some point.

Likewise, is currently featuring a brief preseason preview, but one hopes they're planning something better before the regular season starts.

Over at, John Hollinger is easily the 'worldwide leader' in words with his voluminous previews of each NBA team.  Unfortunately, he is less enthusiastic about the Clippers (Insider required) than most.  Obviously, Hollinger is a 'stats' guy, and he dings the Clippers for their relatively low 'expected' wins (based on point differential), at the same time discounting the playoff win over the Nuggets because they were the only playoff team in the West with a LOWER expected win percentage.  But, by the same measure of point differential, the Clippers were BETTER than the Suns in the playoffs.  I also find it interesting that he lists 'Versatility' as their greatest strength, while stats like rebounding efficiency and blocked shots (not too mention the brain in your head) clearly indicate that the Clippers have the best 'bigs' in the NBA.  If you have the best bigs in the NBA, and you also have versatility, I'd say there's lots of reason for optimism.  Yet Hollinger picks the Clippers 8th in the West.  Ouch.

His pal at ESPN Mark Stein ranks the Clippers fourth in the West and 8th overall in his pre-season Power Rankings.  That's more like it.

Over on Yahoo!, Steve Kerr also has the Clippers 4th in the West in his pre-season rankings.  A consensus is building.

The brothers Kamenetsky are running a 'Know Thy Enemy' series over at their LA Times LakersBlog.  Their preview of the Clippers is pretty thorough, and as much as it must pain them, pretty positive.  They even used the phrase 'better than the Lakers.'  WOW!  Check out the comments in response to that particular sacrilege.  Very funny.  Laker fans are such idiots.

I posted previously (here and here) on SactownRoyalty's Clippers preview and one from AssociatedContent.

And of course you're anxiously awaiting CN's very own Clippers' preview.  But as part of the NBA Blog Preview Series, I'm waiting for my turn on Oct. 27.