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CSKA Moscow 94, Clippers 75

When the Sixers lost to Barcelona on Friday, I considered posting about how terrible they must be to lose to a team from the EuroLeague.  Glad I didn't do that.

Seems like the Clippers may not be super sharp just yet.  Perusing the boxscore one sees that the team had 21 turnovers, and 2 assists.  That's not good.  That's so incredibly not good, that I'd venture that there's never been a game where a team was less good.  

Let's write this one off to a second game after about 19 hours rest, after a 14 hour flight, in a city 11 hours ahead of LA.  Let's call it that, and never speak of it again.

Of course, it raises the question of WHY the Clippers would do this to themselves.  Because now they've got to travel 14 hours and 11 time zones BACK to LA.  By the time they're body clocks are fully adjusted to North America, we'll be a week away from the first game.  

Sure, other teams did it to, but no one else went as far.  The Sixers went from Philly to Barcelona - it's 6 time zones.  It's a long way, sure.  But 11 time zones?  Bear in mind, 12 is the MOST you can go.  They almost literally went half way around the world (or put another way, they literally went 11/24ths of the way around the world).

But I'm never going to speak of it again.  Are you?