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Clever NBA Marketing People

I'm sure you were wondering, as I was, what the heck was going on with the Clippers Unis in Moscow.  The thick red, white and blue stripes on the side are interesting, but a little too ABA for my tastes.

Then I saw a picture of Iverson, and figured out what was up.

The NBA created special jerseys featuring the colors (colours?) of the flag of each host country for their four NBA EuropeLive teams.  For the Clippers, whose color scheme is red, white and blue, the Russian flag blended right in.  For the Spurs and Sixers, their black road unis can handle a little extra color.  But the Suns added green and red to purple and orange - YIKES. Nash looks like he should be working at Hot Dog On a Stick or something.

And of course you can buy the jerseys on for a mere 60 Euros (about $75).