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Cavs 102 - Knicks 96

No Clippers game tonight, but this box score is just too delicious to ignore.

The Knicks starting backcourt of Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis combined to score 5 points on 1 for 10 from the field.  

A little quick math:

Marbury - Salary $17,275,781
Francis - Salary $15,070,000

Divide the 2006-2007 salary by 82 games in a season, and then by the number of points scored in this game (2 for Marbury, 3 for Francis), and Marbury was paid $105,340 per point, while Francis made a much more reasonable $61,260 per point.  

The Knicks are a train wreck, we all know that.  But these guys once had talent, right?  I mean, I never got the whole '3 straight All-Star Game starts' thing for Francis, but he used to be able to make a friggin' shot from time to time.  Same with Marbury.  And I knew they were a monumentally bad pairing, but you'd think they could play in parallel, essentially ignoring each other, and score more than 5 combined points.