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The Clippers got blown out on Tuesday, and now we've got to wait until Saturday for another game.  And there's not even any news - MDSr (I'm going to call the coach this from now on so MDJr's mug stop showing up on lowpost) gave the team the day off yesterday since they have 3 full days between games.  I might have been inclined to yell at them Wednesday, and give them Thursday off, but that's just me.

So, we have to find solace in the suffering of others.  Sure, we got blown out.  But at least a road game against a Division leader is a game you're supposed to lose.  At least we didn't lose at home to Charlotte, or lose at home to the Hornets JV front court.

The Clips are still tied for first place in the Pacific, but that could change tonight.  The Kings are also 5-2, and play in Oakland.  Of course, the Warriors are 5-3 (will all 5 Pacific teams make the playoffs this year?)  Like the Clippers, Sacto has been great at home, not so great on the road this year.  Hopefully the W's will get the W and the Clippers will spend at least another week in first place.