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Kaman Needs to Relax

Of course it's easier said than done, especially when a Google search of 'Kaman struggles' produces over 38K results (including not a few by NBA bloggers).  But Kaman just needs to let the game come to him a little bit, and try to relax.  His first several touches against Philadelphia were stupendously overthought.  On the Clippers first possession, they went right to him in good position against Dalembert.  Chris made an agressive move, and then faked left, faked right, and went back to his left hand.  Dalembert easily blocked the shot, because he was sitting on Kaman's left hand the whole time.  

In the second half, he scored six points on three straight possessions, a mini-run of huge importance considering that he only had six points in the game.  First, he grabbed an offensive rebound, went right back up quickly, Dalembert goaltending, 2 points.  The next possession, he got the ball in good position, one dribble, got the shot up, and scored.  Next possession got the ball in god position, one dribble, got the shot up, drew a foul, made two free throws.  

The fact that he can score with either hand is great.  But sometimes I wonder if his options overwhelm him.  He needs to be decisive - pivoting and pump-faking 27 times is not usually going to get him a better shot.  In fact, it often results in a turnover.  He needs to catch the ball, and make his move, or if it's not there, kick the ball back out.  If he ever takes more than one dribble, something is wrong.

I also wonder if it's a mistake to call plays for him early in the game at this point.  He's pressing so much, it seems to me it would be better to let him work off the ball, crash the boards, and get stuff in the flow, rather than forcing it to him.  In the first half, they called his number and he looked awful.  In the second half, he got going with an offensive rebound and put back.  At least until he's got his confidence back, let him work his way to baskets by playing hard, off the ball, out of the spotlight.  And maybe he'll relax and play basketball.