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Steve Nash

The ClipperWidow (she officially changed status from ClipperWife to ClipperWidow last night) caught a glimpse of the game.  She had this to say about the Suns orange unis (btw, the Suns have long been my other favorite team, going back to the Kevin Johnson days, so ClipperWidow has seen a lot of Suns games over the years).

CW:  Are those new Suns uniforms?
CS:  Pretty new.  They introduced them a couple years ago, and they're the alternative home color, so they don't wear them very much.
CW:  They're horrible.  And why do they have an airpot code on the front?

I thought that was a pretty good question.  Why do they have an airpot code on the front?  If Boris and Leandro miss the charter, do they point at their chests in hopes that someone will help them find their way home?