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Nuggets on the Nuggets

Here's another Denver area article on the Nuggets.  This one is by Mark Kiszla in the Denver Post.  Two things caught my eye in this article.

  • How immature do you have to be in order for Carmelo Anthony to feel you need nuturing?  Carmelo "that's not my pot" Anthony taking somebody under his wing is like.... well, it's like.... it's like someone who shouldn't be taking someone under his wing taking someone under his wing, that's what it's like.
  • Even the Nuggets players see the flaw in George Karl's run-and-gun plans.  
"This offense is only effective if we spread the court. And if you can't make perimeter shots, the middle of the court is not going to be open," Denver veteran Earl Boykins said. "Why Phoenix is so dangerous is they have Steve Nash running the show, and they surround him with guys who can make perimeter jumpers."
 Boykins didn't go so far as to say that Denver CAN'T make the shots, but we can fill in the blanks.  Dead last in 3-point shooting last season, they added unproven shooter J.R. Smith, but also lost their best two 3-point shooters (Earl Watson and Greg Buckner) from last year's team.  No Nash and no shooters means it won't work.