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Clippers - Sixer Revisited

After re-reading my Clippers-Sixers post, and reading Clipper Blog Kevin's post about the same game, I realized I came off overly negative.  I'm getting tired of watching the Clippers play so far below their potential, but a win is a win, and they did do some good things in that game.  It's particularly great to come out on top on a night when Sam shoots 3-14 (that's not going to happen very often) and the team commits 23 turnovers.  

I still can't help but think the Clippers should easily beat the Webber-less Sixers at home when AI is held to 38% and commits 6 turnovers.  But at the end of the season, it's in the proper column.

Once again, the defense was solid in the fourth quarter.  Although the Sixers did score 25 points, they really had to work for anything they got in the half court.  Iverson only had 1 basket in the fourth, but he was terrific as a distributor - he had 4 assists, and two other dimes that resulted in 4 points from the line.  Unfortunately, the Sixers also got some cheap points in the period (a Korver three after an offensive rebound, Iguodala's fast break dunk after Ross missed a layup, 2 Willie Green free throws in the final minute after Cassell's obvious loose ball foul) that killed the Clippers chances to win in regulation.  

Then in the OT the Clippers really clamped down.  The Sixers scored a total of 7 points, 2 coming after an offensive rebound, and 3 after a steal.  In other words, they scored two points in 5 minutes in their half court offense.  

The bottom line is, the Clippers are 6-2, and are third this week in Mark Stein's Power Rankings.  They were second last week, and in those 7 days they got blown out in Utah, and played a poor game against Philly.  Clipper fans who watched those two games feel like the team took a giant step backwards, and yet the Clips are first in the division, third in the NBA, and undefeated at home.  Results are results, and the fact that this team can play better is definitely good news, not bad news.