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Throw Him Under the Buss

The Times Clippers reporter Jason Reid and their Lakers reporter Mike Bresnahan collaborated on a rivalry piece today.  Phil was pretty clever talking about the newfound competitiveness of the series (bear in mind that Phil has a 19-5 record against the Clippers).  

"Did they dethrone us last year as the favorite team in town?" Lakers Coach Phil Jackson asked rhetorically. "That was what they said in the process, all the hype. So I guess we're the underdogs, trying to come back and find a way to get into this scrap that they're going to have, and go forward with it."

But Jerry Buss was just mean.

"They're terrific material, no doubt," the Lakers' owner said in an interview last month. "I think we figured out that they had 18 out of 20 lottery choices. It's not a big surprise that they eventually gained some material, but it does surprise me that they kept it. That's certainly a change in philosophy, probably a welcome one to the fans of Los Angeles."

Remind me again, how many 'GM of the Year' awards has Mitch Kupchak won? But you have to give Dr. Buss credit. He's won a bunch of rings in LA, and now one in Miami as well.