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Sonics 95 - Clippers 85

I'm in Colorado.  No Prime Ticket.  No NBA League Pass.  Did not see a play of this game.  Maybe that's a good thing.

Outrebounded.  7 points for EB.  13 points for Sam.  Another slow start - down 22-10 less than 8 minutes in, down by 9 after the first quarter.  It all adds up to the first home loss of the year, to a team with a losing record.

So, someone who was there (or at least someone who saw it on TV) - tell me what I missed.  The Clippers have played poorly for 4 straight games now.  What's the deal?  Was it just one of those nights?  Was Lewis just unstoppable?  Were the shots just not falling?  

I'm ready for this team to start playing well now, please.