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Oh Goody, Simers Writing About the Clippers

Mr. Simers wrote a column about the Clippers in today's LA Times.  I'm not really sure what his point was; I never really can tell with him.  Something about Cassell not being mean enough to his teammates, I think.

But he did say one salient thing:

Beat the Lakers on Saturday, and now that would be something to get excited about. Lose again, and from what we've seen of the Clippers' resolve so far this season, pack up the equipment and call it a season.

I'm not prepared to say the season rides on it, but 8-7, 2 straight wins, 8-1 at home, 1-1 against the roommates, would be a LOT better than 7-8, losers of 6 out of 7, and 0-2 against a key division rival.  A lot better.