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Fantasy NBA

For years, I've been in a fantasy NBA league with some buddies dispersed across the country.  I personally DESPISE rotisserie scoring (FT% is simply not as important as, say, POINTS, and I can't enjoy a league pretending that it is), so we always play a total points league.

I've been spending so much time on the blog this year, that the league almost didn't happen.  It falls to me to get everyone organinzed, to remind them to register, to schedule the draft, etc.  So this year, as the season tipped off, there were 3 teams registered and the draft didn't happen.  I was kind of OK with this - I figure I'll be spending WAY too much time on ClipsNation - if I also spent time on a fantasy league, I might as well pack my bags now, because ClipperWidow would be ClipperEx.

But then the guys noticed that the season had started, and got on the ball.  So, we had the draft on Thursday night, and no teams had played more than 2 games.  Not bad.

But because we were pressed, we decided as a group to let the computer pick the teams instead of our usual live draft.  Now bear in mind that we use an unusual scoring system, so the default player rankings are not synched up with the reality of our league.  We said that we'd all use the default rankings, and then everyone would be in the same boat.

But Trey re-ranked his players, and surprise, surprise, ended up with a really strong team.  What do you have to say for yourself, Trey?

I got totally screwed.  The computer drafted Josh Smith, in the FOURTH ROUND!  Josh Smith is a fine prospect... I might have taken a flyer on him in the 8th.  The FOURTH?  Are you kidding?  Then, the last 4 round (8-11), I got Nocioni, MoPete, Brandon Roy, and Speedy Claxton.  I would NEVER have drafted any of those guys.  Chicago is plain too deep for Nocioni to do well; MoPete... um, no; Roy - I don't draft rookies; and Speedy Claxton is another no.  Not that you're necessarily going to get great players in the later rounds, but c'mon!  (I'm holding onto Roy - obviously he's had a solid start to the season, but I've already cut the other 3.)

It will be my greatest fantasy challenge to actually compete in this league.