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Clippers' Telecasts

Well, now that I'm a big time blogger, I felt compelled to watch the Clippers Live pre-game show last night.  I'm not sure that can last much longer, though I did find out why Tim Thomas chose uniform number 2.

(Oh, and speaking of cheesy Clippers' promos, ClipperWidow compared the Maggette interview they showed on the video screen at Staples during the Suns game to Tiger Beat magazine.  Ouch.)

At any rate, I can't take too much of Michael Eaves, Don McLean and Paul Westphal.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am not at all fond of Westphal after watching him run the Pepperdine hoops program into the ground, but that's another story... maybe even another blog.

I guess it's a good thing that FSN is throwing significant resources at Clippers telecasts.  I mean, not one but two locker room reports.  Wow!  Of course, Patrick O'Neal's pre-game interview with Corey Maggette managed to be lame, and belligerent at the same time.  His questions about coming off the bench were along the lines of "C'mon Corey, you really want to start, dontcha?" and "You'll still be pissed if you don't get your minutes, huh?  I'd be pissed if I were you.  You should definitely be pissed."  Corey has really handled this thing amazingly well when you realize that he's got reporters asking him these inane questions every day.  He diplomatically began his answers with phrases like "Well, I don't know about that..." where I would have gone with "That's a really stupid question...."

But I think I'm going to have to dial it back to just Ralph and Mike.  They have all the info that I need, and they don't make me want to scream obscenities, which is a plus with kids in the house.

And while we're on the subject, what is this "We in here" thing anyway?  I mean, what does that mean?  I assume it's some ebonics thing, but I fail to see how it could relate to the Clippers.  It seems like something a mile high club couple might yell from an Airbus lavatory.  I'm not going to go English teacher on you and complain about the grammar.  "Where you at?" for Boost mobile?  I get it.  That works.  "He got game" works too.  "We in here?"  You're where?  And so what?