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Can We Re-upholster? Purple is so 5 Years Ago

Arash Markazi had an interesting piece in last Friday.  After watching the home opener against the Nuggets, Markazi felt like the Clippers had finally found a real home in Staples Center.  In the past, he says the Clippers  

were like that deadbeat friend who says he's going to crash on your couch for a couple of days until he gets his act together and six years later is still snuggled up on your sofa as you leave for work in the morning. Well, the deadbeat found a job last year. In fact, not only did he start pulling some weight around the house, he got a better job than the owner. If things stay the course he might even move into the master bedroom and start redecorating the place. So what if he doesn't have as any awards or diplomas to hang up? Right now, it's hard to argue that he isn't the most successful tenant.

While I'm not crazy about being called the deadbeat friend, the idea of redecorating is very appealing.