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Clippers 89 - Grizzlies 82

Can we play these guys every night, please?

After ending a 5 game losing streak 10 days ago against Memphis, the Clippers now have their first road win of the season, thanks to those same Grizzlies.  Unfortunately, the two teams only meet once more, on January 20, and by then Pau Gasol will be back, so it could be a different story.  But the Pau-less Grizzlies sure make it easy.

The Clippers did not play particularly well tonight.  In fact, they started off ice-cold, and if Sam Cassell hadn't scored 10 points in the first quarter off the bench, this game might have been a different story.  

After Sam carried the team in the first quarter, Elton Brand took it from there, winding up with 26 points on 10 for 17 shooting.  Shaun Livingston ran the team well, and ended the game with 9 pretty assists and only 1 turnover.

It was not a stellar effort from the Clips.  A much sharper game will be necessary if they expect to beat (or even compete with) the Spurs on Monday.  But it was enough against the Grizzlies.

Oh, and before we get too excited about the road win, let's remember that the Clippers still have the worst road record in the NBA.