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League News

It's shaping up like a big day in the NBA.  I'm not usually a link dump kind of a guy, but if you're on ClipsNation, there are a couple of things you should know about.

For 2007, leather is the new micro-fiber!  The old leather ball will be back on January 1, according to Mark Stein.  All of the complaining had little impact on David Stern, but the site of bandages on Steve Nash's valuable digits apparently did the trick.

Stephen Jackson suspended!  OK, so it's not really a news flash, except for maybe the fact that it took this long.  It's really hard to figure how Jax can last the whole season with Carlisle.  But will anyone touch him, with potential jail time in his immediate future?

Suns win 10th straight!  Again, not really news, and certainly not good news for Clippers fans.  The Lakers still lead the division, but only by a half game, and that's after 15 of 20 at home to start the season.  The Suns are the class of the Pacific again.  

Allen Iverson still a Sixer!  But not for long.  Chris Sheridan is reporting the Sixers want a deal in place by tomorrow.  I'm beginning to think he could wind up in Charlotte, which has the cap space to take him on without giving much back, and some young talent to offer the Sixers. I'm also intrigued with the possibility that both AI and CWebb could end up in New York.  I mean, what the hell do the Knicks have to lose?  And the Sixers will give serious consideration to any deal that takes Webber off their hands.