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Obviously I'm paying way too much attention to this Iverson thing.  But one thing that has struck me today is the complete absence of real news.  I mean, obviously the Sixers have intended to move fast on this thing.  But since the east coast papers came out this morning, has there been a single scrap of news today?  With Stephen A and Ric Bucher talking on ESPN all day, and with most sportswriters also purporting to run blogs ... NOTHING ... HAS ... CHANGED.  

Sure, it's ridiculous to expect that anything necessarily should have.  But I would have at LEAST thought they'd be on to some new rumors.  But no, it's still all about AI snubbing the Charlotte deal and who the front-runners might or might not be, with very little movement there in fact.

One blog that has been all over this from the git-go is Golden State of Mind.  This is my third 'trade rumor' post today, and maybe sixth since AI went public with his trade demand.  GSoM has posted 8 times since noon!  It helps that Atma is an AI freak.  Their latest news has Baron, Monta, Diogu and a pick all being offered.  WOW!  If that's real, it's hard to imagine that Philly wouldn't be interested.  It doesn't have any salary relief, but man, it's got a lot of basketball in it.  

As it happens, two different Boston beat reporters have posted on their blogs today about the Clippers.  In each case, their sources have the Clippers emerging among the favorites during the day today.  Of course, for all we know, Shira Springer at the Globe may be the source for Mark Murphy at the Herald and vice versa, but still.  

I'm going to stay up late tonight and read the east coast papers (especially Philly, Boston and New York) when they're available on line.  This is a service I provide for you, dear readers, so you can get some sleep.  You need to repay me with lots of page views... sweet, sweet page views.