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Missed a Little Paper Called the LA Times

In my haste to check all the out of town Iverson stories (and possibly because I didn't want to be reminded of the embarrassing loss to Utah) I completely ignored the LA Times this morning!  Is my face red!

J.A. Adande makes a strong case for acquiring Iverson.  Unlike me, he would be willing to give up Livingston in the process.

Adande followed up his column with a post on his blog.

In talking to people in Clipper Country after I filed that column, I went from thinking the Allen Iverson trade isn't just a move the Clippers should make, it's a move they have to make.

They certainly have to try.  

But I still wouldn't give up Livingston.  Looking at the other deals on the table, they shouldn't have to.  Philly is still more desperate than we are.  Now is not the time to panic.  

5 hours to Midnight.