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East Coast Papers

Phil Jasner of The Philadelphia News has nothing but rumors coming his way.  He throws water on most of the other reports that are out there.  

One floated yesterday had the Sixers involved in a prospective three-way deal with Denver and Portland, in which Iverson would go to the Nuggets, Nene would move to the Trail Blazers, and the Nuggets' Joe Smith and his expiring contract would land in Philadelphia, as would the Trail Blazers' Jamaal Magloire and his expiring contract. Except...

A Portland source said the Blazers have no interest in Nene's $60 million-plus contract, which would drag them into luxury-tax hell for the next several years. Portland also has concerns about his questionable knees.

Jasner makes no mention at all of the Clippers.  I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign at this point.

Elgin Baylor was on 710 KSPN Thursday night, denying he was involved in trying to get Iverson at all.  Of course, that's exactly what he would say if he had a deal in place, ready to pull the trigger.