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I Turn My Back For A Minute and...

Allen Iverson is a Nugget.

I'm glad it's over.

The Sixers are sending Iverson to the Nuggets for Joe Smith, Andre Miller and two first round draft picks.

I know that sometimes I can come across as a mean-spirited know-it-all, but let me just say this in all sincerity:  Billy King is a stupid idiot and not nearly as smart as me.

Unless they think Andre Miller is the new Answer, they just pushed a best case scenario three-year rebuilding into a best case scenario four-year rebuilding.

Alright, let's get into Billy King's head...

They now owe $32M to 5 players (Dalembert, Miller, Korver, Steven Hunter and Willie Green) for the 08-09 season.  That's not including Iquodala, who will be a restricted free agent that season.  So pencil him in for another $8M at least.  Say they hang on to Carney at $1.6M and the four first round picks they have over the next two seasons at an average of $1.5M each.  That's 11 mediocre players and about $46M in salary.  Assuming the salary cap increases to about $63M (an educated guess) he'd have enough room under the cap to make a max offer to a free agent in summer 2008, and then he rounds out the roster with a couple of minimum salary guys.  He could also sign someone to the mid-level, or, he could wait another year for Miller to come off the books, and sign another max guy in summer 2009.

So there you have it.  The dream world inside Billy King's head.  Point guard Chris Paul and power forward Dwight Howard will lead the Sixers to another title in 2010!  

This is the deal they've been waiting for?  $7M in expiring contracts and 2 LATE first round picks?  Seriously?  

I would ask why the Clippers haven't made a better offer, but oh yeah, that's right, THEY HAVE!  I can only assume that Billy is so miffed at Elgin for not giving up Livingston, that he refuses to play with him, despite the fact that Elgin offered him better players, more salary relief, and better draft picks.  

I'm actually looking forward to watching the circus that will be the Denver Nuggets.  They certainly have a ton of talent, but I really can't see Carmelo and Iverson co-existing there.  It's either going to be great basketball, or great theater.  Either way, it'll be fun to watch.