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Haiku and Basketball

What the hell is up with the Haikus lately?  The LA Times has a new Clipper's Blog, Confessions of a Cliptomaniac, by Bob Baker.  It's pretty good.  Better than the one by Rick Cipes (I wonder what happened there?  It didn't last 6 weeks.)

Anyway, the first Cliptomaniac post was a haiku.  Actually, 2 haiku.  

We're down 17
There's still time to make a run
One stop, then one score

I don't mind losing
But these guys are like strangers
Don't play together

And Tom over at SacTownRoyalty writes a haiku as part of every game preview.  Here's what he said prior to a recent Mavs game:

Dirk is back in town.
He's not as great as last year,
but a tall task still.

And it's not just basketball.  Newsweek magazine's Newsmakers section has taken to relating all celebrity news via haiku, like this one about Ashlee Simpson's cosmetic surgery:
That bump on my schnoz,
like my sister's spouse, is gone.
Nose job? I am coy.

I must say, I've never really gotten the whole haiku thing.  Brevity has never been my long suit, as it were.  (This from the author of the Ad Nauseum series of posts.  I know, the citizens of ClipsNation are shocked.)  It's just really hard to edit myself down to 17 syllables.  

When I write haiku,
I break the rules; too long.  
Go ahead; figure.  

I don't think I'll incorporate haiku into my posting routine.  Perhaps the occasional sonnet.  Iambic pentameter, anyone?