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Hey, Crab Man

You know, the subject of karma came up when Sam's name was mentioned in trade talks.  Then, I was watching My Name is Earl the other day and I realized something... Quinton Ross is Crab Man!  Q even gets the hang-dog look on his face when he's whistled for a foul that Crab Man gets when Joy is mad at him.  And when they're happy, like when Crab Man is taking care of Mr. Turtle, or when Q blocks a shot?  Same crooked smile.

And isn't it just a little too much of a coincidence that Eddie Steeples was the Rubber Band Man in Office Max commercials, while Quinton Ross plays basketball in Staples Center?  And the fact that Steeples was in Akeelah and the Bee, produced by Mavs owner Mark Cuban?  Of course an NBA owner would cast an NBA player's alter-ego.  It makes perfect sense.

During the pre-game, can we all yell 'Hey, Crab Man' when Q is introduced for the rest of the season?