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Clippers - Kings Preview

Mike Dunleavy has never beaten the Sacramento Kings as coach of the Clippers.  Never.  He is 0-13.  

And you know, it was one thing when they were losing to Webber, Peja, Vlade, Christie and Bibby.  Those were some really good Kings teams.

But almost exactly one year ago, they lost to a team that started Bibby, Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia, Kenny Thomas and Brad Miller.  Bibby and Miller are obviously fine players, and now we know more about Kevin Martin, but at the time he was a total unknown, and he lit up the Clippers for a then career-high 20 points.  Call it a sneak preview.

In the Clippers first meeting with the Kings this season, they shot a brutal 30% from the field, including 1 for their last 20.  Something about playing Sacramento just brings out the horror show in the Clippers.  

The thing is, there's NO WAY the Kings should be able to handle Kaman and Brand.  Miller is slower than he was, and he was never that quick, and Thomas is not big enough.  Shareef does an OK job, but really can't handle either Clipper big without help.  Indeed, Kaman has had some big games against Miller.  But LA can't find a way to win.

That monkey on MDSr's back has a purple crown on its head.