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ClipperSteve is Going to Tahoe

I will be spending the next week with the ClipperWidow's extended family in Tahoe.  Actually, it's some sort of reunion of her mom's side of the family, and I've never met any of these people, so as you can imagine, I'm really stoked about this.  Did I mention that ClipperWidow's mom is insane?

The great news is that I won't be able to watch any Clippers games, and won't have internet access (or not much at any rate).

In my absence, ClipsNation citizen Todd Lerner, of the fine blog 120 Proof Ball will be running the show.  

Maybe the Clippers have been so bad this year because I've been scrutinizing them so closely.  Maybe it's my fault.  If I just leave them alone for a week, it'll take all the pressure off them, and they'll start playing like they did last year.  


Anyway, have fun.  Be nice to Todd.