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Hornets JV 99 - Nuggets JV 89

You have to feel sorry for the (announced) crowd of 19,334 in Oklahoma City last night.  Partly because they were in Oklahoma City of course, but also because they paid to see an NBA game but saw something like the CBA.  

Here's a list of players NOT in uniform last night: Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby, Nene, JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, David West and Bobby Jackson.  Basically, each team was without at least 3 starters, and at least 4 of their top 7.  

Instead, they saw such NBA luminaries as Marc (with a C) Jackson, Jannero Pargo, Yakhouba Diawara and Jamal Sampson.  And those guys all started.  I've never even HEARD of Marcus Vinicius (see, I thought he was Lithuanian with that '...cius' ending, but turns out he's Brazilian).  

And the one legitimate NBA superstar, Allen Iverson, was 6 for 22 and in his words 'stunk it up.'  

Devin Brown scored 19 to help the Hornets win.  He was a free agent a week ago.