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MDSr's Extension

Reported as all but a done deal a week ago, there is still no official word on MDSr's contract extension.  According to the latest reports, the money has gone up a little (to as much as $5.6M per for four years), and is basically agreed upon.  The sticking point would appear to be playoff bonuses.

This threatens to become an actual distraction before too much longer.  Already writers are writing and bloggers are blogging, replete with hot-button words like 'low-ball' and 'cheapness' (though I fail to see how an extension that would make him the 5th highest paid coach in the NBA can be characterized as a 'low-ball' offer).

Playoff bonuses seem to be a strange place to get stuck.  One would think that the prospect of advancing further into the playoffs than at any time in franchise history would be worth a little something-something to Sterling and Roeser.  Of course, MDSr and agent Warren LeGarie may have been trying to take advantage of just that.  

Let's hope this gets resolved soon.