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It's Not a Rumor If I Said It...

Peter Vecsey's NY Post column on Sunday contained not one but two items about his beloved 'Paper Clips.'  In addition to the MDSr contract situation, Vecsey included an item about the 'Maggette to Miami' trade rumor reported in the Miami Herald last week.  Vecsey agreed with me, that the Clippers weren't listening, even if Miami was talking:

there's not a shred of truth to a Miami Herald report that had the Heat and my Paper Clips discussing a trade involving Corey Maggette. Not one word of dialogue along those lines ever took place. Moreover, it won't. Pat Riley can offer nobody of consequence who can replicate what Maggette does for L.A.

It's that simple. If my Paper Clips are to part with their exceedingly athletic offensive gift - something they're not opposed to doing if it makes sense - they actually want somebody of consequence, not a draft pick, not $3M, in return.

But in a really nice irony, the reason Vecsey brought up the Maggette-to-Miami talk was to illustrate what a bogus rumor looks like, in order to prove that everybody in Memphis was wrong when they said there was no truth in the Pau-to-Boston story Vecsey had reported earlier.  How exactly does calling another newspaper's report an obvious fabrication lend credibility to your own?  Vecsey was in effect saying, I don't spread rumors - I have real sources, not like those hacks at the Miami Herald.  Nice.