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A Classic Non-Denial

I don't have a press credential.  I wasn't there, so I didn't hear what MDSr said to Jason Reid of the LA Times.  But, according to Reid, here's what the man actually said:

"Everybody runs stuff up the flagpole to try to create opportunities. We've had this happen with a few of our guys at times, but we're not going to talk publicly about trading any of our guys whether we're actively trying to or not."

Like I said, I wasn't there.  There may have been other things said that caused Reid and his editors to choose the title they chose (Maggette isn't on trade block, Dunleavy says).  But that's not at all what he said.  I mean, he literally told you that if Maggette was on the trading block he wouldn't tell you!  How do you interpret that as Maggette's not on the trading block?

To be fair, in another direct quote from the article, MDSr said that they had not had any "aggressive discussions with anybody that I know of" but there's more wiggle-room in that statement than in a Bill Cosby Jell-o commercial.  

If he was supposed to be making Corey (or Corey's fans) feel more comfortable, I think he missed the mark.