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New Complaints About the New Ball

Pretty much all the stuff about the new ball seems overblown.  If it's really so slick, why aren't turnovers up over last season?  Is it to slick, or too sticky?  Is it too lively, or not lively enough?  Make up your mind.

But now comes a spate of complaints about cuts inflicted by the peach orbie (note to self: copyright 'peach orbie').  

In the Star-Telegram, Art Garcia reports that Dirk Nowizki thinks the ball is responsible for a cut at the end of his left middle finger.  

The Mavs' leading scorer has developed a gash on the top of his left middle finger the size of a paper cut. It's happened twice this season, and his finger was bleeding before Monday night's game against Washington.

The only explanation he has is the ball.

This was after Art Thompson III had reported an almost identical complaint from Clippers assistant coaches on his blog last week.  

This one is weird.  The players are going to complain about the ball because it's different.  But why would assistant coaches be bitching?  And how does a round object create paper cuts?