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Only Winless Road Team

With the Wizards win in New York Wednesday night, the Clippers are now the only team in the NBA without a win on the road.  

Quality teams win road games.  It's a simple as that.  Having a dominant home record won't get you anywhere in the playoffs (or even into the playoffs in most cases) if you can't win road games.

Of course, the Clippers haven't played any complete patsies on the road yet.  Sacramento and Minnesota are the only sub-.500 teams they've played, and they're each 8-9.  But that's just an excuse.  And, oh by the way, it doesn't get any easier in the next game, at San Antonio.

After the Spurs, the Clippers play in Memphis, with the worst record in the Western Conference.  If they return from this trip without a victory, they will be out of excuses.