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Not Interested?

Jason Reid reports in today's LAT that a team source told him the Clippers are not interested in acquiring Iverson:

There has been speculation that the Clippers would be among the teams in the bidding for the disgruntled All-Star, but Iverson's style of play and contract would not be a good fit with the Clippers, the source said.

I must admit, I don't get that.  The contract would not be a good fit?  Isn't that just a way of saying the Clippers are cheap?  Sure, AI is making $18.3M this year, but he led the league in scoring last year, and is still be at the top of his game.  You have to pay money for that.  

His style of play is not a good fit?  How is that?  Isn't he a perfect fit for a team that hangs its hat on defense (no superstar plays better defense than Iverson) and needs a go-to guy on offense?  

Off the basketball court, he may be a bad fit.  But I don't think you can just dismiss the possibility based on that, can you?