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Welcome to!  My regular readers (both of them) will no doubt mourn the passing of my original Clippers blog, but I've hit the big time now.  That's correct.  I've gone pro.  Won't be allowed to blog in the Olympics now.  But you can always say that you read the early stuff, you know, before he sold out.

I have to say, it's pretty strange for me to have been recruited to the SBNation network.  This all started as several years of unsolicited and undoubtedly annoying emails to buddies about how great the Clippers were (even when they, well, sucked).  Then the first blog was simply an easier mechanism for getting out all of these pent up opinions.  (It can be very unhealthy to keep those bottled up.)  I guess it's just not enough for me to KNOW that I know more about basketball than other people.  Other people have to know it also.  And isn't that really what blogs are all about?

So from humble beginnings, a mere four months after I started blogging during the 2006 playoffs, here I am, the (un)official Clippers blogger for a network of, frankly, pretty darn good sports blogs.  Somebody pinch me!

And talk about right place right time.  I mean, despite being a media town, I was, as far as I can tell, one of two dedicated Clippers bloggers in the world.  There are probably 35 blogs about spinning your own knitting yarn (I know, RedSilvia told me), but there are two Clippers blogs. Go figure.

Obviously, it says something about the almost suffocating obscurity the Clippers live with, constantly being the 'other' NBA team in LA.  But all that is about to change.

Hopefully you'll notice improvements, not just in the look of the blog but also in the functionality.  For instance, there is a Diary feature that allows you, dear reader to post your own entries.  And we can do polls!  OOOOH.  Polls.

So, I'm excited.  I'm part of a community of sports bloggers.  I'm even scheduled to write the Clippers season preview as part of a series by NBA Bloggers in October.  Unfortunately, it means I have to wait until October 27 to post my Clippers preview, but I'll just have to think of other things to say in the meantime.

So, a new NBA season is about to begin, and we've all got a new Clippers blog to go with it.  Training camp starts next week!  Now if only I could find a way to get to Moscow with the team!