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More news on My Big Fat Greek Center (MBFGC), Sofoklis Schortsianitis.  I've heard rumors that the Clippers tried to get him to to the NBA for this season, but that he opted to sign a 4 year deal to play for Olympiakos in Greece instead.  The implication was that the Clippers might have made him a low-ball offer.  Then, I heard that the buyout on his Greek contract was a mere $500K, which is a great sign, indicating that he still has his eye very much on the NBA, and before his 4 year deal is up.

This article again references the reasonable buyout figure, but goes on to say that MBFGC is making a mere 500K Euros with the Reds this season.  At current exchange rates, that would be about $675K, or about what Daniel Ewing and James Singleton are making this year.  If the Clippers made ANY offer, it was either ridiculously low, or MBFGC decided to stay in Europe for some reason other than money.  Personally, the 500K Euro salary doesn't ring true.  The guy was an all-star in the Greek league last year.  Why would they pay Alex Acker twice what they're paying him?  Something doesn't make sense.

Go Olympiakos!