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Diaz to Play in Europe

According to Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld, Clippers second round pick Guillermo Diaz will be playing in the Czech Republic this season.  

DIAZ GOES ABROAD: Clippers draft pick Guillermo Diaz will be heading to Europe, not Clippers training camp. Sources close to Diaz indicated several weeks ago he was looking at playing in Italy, but has settled on the Czech Republic, and a $250,000 deal with all the typical European contract frills - free apartment, car and tax free money, and ample playing time to prove he can play the point guard role the Clippers hope he can fill. The Clippers are very much committed to Diaz, but have a full roster at the point. It's believed if Diaz does well with his time in Europe he'll get a guaranteed contract next summer with the Clips who will retain his rights. The Clippers are giving Daniel Ewing one more season to improve and if he does not show the kinds of improvements the Clips were hoping for, he'll be out and Diaz will be in. Ultimately, Diaz's future is in his own hands, and he'll play 40 games in the Czech league, and 40 more in Euroleague play. Diaz is an impressive scorer, that can shoot the hell out of the ball, he just has to learn the point, and that's what his time in Europe will be about.

Now, Skyler may be a dubious source, especially given that he thinks there are Czech league teams playing in the Euro League (there aren't).  But we wish Diaz the best.  

With 14 guaranteed contracts entering camp, there is a maximum of one player who could make the team before the season starts.  It's probably going to be N'Dong, but I'd like to see another shooter.