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A Clippers Season Preview

A couple of things...  one, I may have to ignore some stuff.  I haven't been doing this, what you call it, blogging, for all that long now, and it turns out... there's a lot of stuff out there on the interweb.  

Secondly, it's going to be tougher than I thought to wait until Oct. 27 to write my Clippers preview as part of the NBA Blog Preview (which begins on Sunday with the Celtics, btw).

So, whoever this guy John Domenic is, and whatever AssociatedContent is, he may not know much about the Clippers, but at least he is predicting positive things: he says they should "easily make the playoffs" (no argument) and that they have a "good chance to make it to the Western Conference Finals."  Of course, they were a Raja Bell prayer from the Western Conference Finals last season, so it's not really that big a leap, but still.

But then there's the grain of salt.  He describes Sam Cassell as a "slasher" (he's not, unless there's some knife wielding in his past he's kept under wraps).  He talks about the guards' ability to "knock down the three" (the Clippers ranked 30th, 29th and 21st in makes, attempts and percentage last year.) Most bewildering of all, there's nary a mention of defensive stopper and probable starter Quinton Ross, while Vin Baker (!) is cited as providing depth.  Hmmm.  

The good news is that the 'Clippers Season Preview' bar has not been set impossibly high.