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Sam Cassell in SLAM Online

Sam Cassell came in at number 38 in SLAM Online's countdown of the top 50 players in the NBA.  (In case you missed it, Kaman got some love at number 48 on the list.)  

Now, I know I came to the blog party a little late, but TZ did the Bibby piece, Atma and Fantasy Junkie did the JRich piece... I wanna write one!  And who did they get to cover Cassell?  Luther Campbell!  I'm really not sure what to do with that.  

Anyway, check it out.  The two best things are the picture of Sam doing the huevos dance, and the comments (many of which are about the picture of Sam doing the huevos dance.)

It'll be interesting to see what other Clippers make the top 50.  Obviously Brand is a top 10 lock, but Livingston also has a chance, given the inclusion of guys like Darko and Morrison.  We'll see.