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The Clippers announced today that Zeljko Rebraca would miss the Russia trip.  

During the course of his annual pre-camp physical on Monday, September 25th, center Zeljko Rebraca was diagnosed with disc-related lower back discomfort.  Accordingly, Rebraca will remain in Los Angeles and continue physical therapy, rather than undertake the effects of the team's trip to Moscow. He will be further evaluated upon the team's return from Moscow.

So, he's got problems with his heart and problems with his back.  You can't really find any more important body parts than those, you know.  

I really feel sorry for Z.  He was an massive star in Europe.  He's a former European player of the year.  But his NBA experience has been one problem after another.  He first experienced heart problems during the Pistons championship season, and got traded to Atlanta of all places before the playoffs.  He's been a solid backup for the Clippers since arriving in LA, but certainly had the talent to be an NBA starting center if all of the injuries hadn't intervened.  Now, at 34, with an irregular heartbeat AND disc problems, it's hard to imagine he has much left to give.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.