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Training Camp Roster Set

The Clippers announced their training camp roster today.  The big surprise for me was no N'Dong (that's what she said).  HI-O!  I'm here all week folks.  Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

Seriously, does anyone know where Boniface N'Dong is?  I would have thought the first year of the experiment was a mild success, and with Rebraca's latest health concerns, maybe we need another big.  He is probably back playing in Europe somewhere.

The Clippers will open camp with 17 players, 14 of whom have guaranteed contracts leaving at most one open spot (assuming they don't cut anybody making guaranteed money).  The three free agents vying for that last spot are Ryan Humphrey, Dawan Robinson and Jawad Williams.  I don't know much about Robinson, but in general I don't see the shooter I coveted (Robinson shot 27% on NCAA 3's his final year at URI).  If anyone is going to make this squad, it'll be Williams, who played well for the Clips in Summer League.  

But here's a thought:  Keith Van Horn.  With Rebraca hurting, and KVH still on the market, how about we take a chance on solving two problems by signing a big who can shoot?  Just a thought.