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What I Like About Blogs

I came across this in 10,000 Takes, a Minnesota Media blog (apparently there's a Minnesota Media to blog about).  You know, on SportsCenter you mostly see the game winners.  And of course they ran a montage of KG game-winners on the Clippers broadcast last night, so you would think the guy has never missed.  But in reality, he's 1 for 4 on potential game-winners in the last 3 games.  Of course, 2 of those were with the score tied, and the Wolves eventually won those games in OT.  And let's bear in mind that 1 for 4 is not necessarily a bad percentage, when you consider that the clock is short, you have to force a shot, and everybody knows where the ball is going.

But at least a blogger is not afraid to point out the fact.  Hey, he's one for four.  Take it for what it's worth.  A newspaper would pretty much NEVER say that about a superstar.

For my part, I was THRILLED that they threw him the ball 20 feet away from the basket.  I blame Dwayne Casey.  KG's a huge target; surely you can get him the ball a little closer to the basket and let him work to get a 12 foot fadeaway instead of a 20 foot pull up.  He's a versatile player, and certainly capable of making a pull up jumper from 20.  But he almost never takes that shot during the game.  They should work harder to get him his shot.