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Luck of the Irish

With Paul Pierce, Theo Ratliff, Wally Szczerbiak and Brian Scalabrine all hurt, the only Celtic player in uniform on Monday over the age of 24 was Michael Olowokandi.  Kandi played 6 minutes.

The highest paid Celtic in uniform on Monday was... Luke Jackson of the Clippers.  The Celtics owe him over $2M of his guaranteed contract after waiving him in camp.  In a Celtic uniform, it would be Sebastian Telfair at $1.8M.

Counting Jackson, Vin Baker and Brian Grant (all long gone) the Celtics 7 highest paid players are all out.  Kandi signed for the vet's minimum.  

The cumulative salary of the 9 Celtics in uniform on Monday was a smidge over $10M.  Less than Pierce makes.  Less than Ratliff makes.  Less than Szczerbiak makes.