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Who's the Worst Ref?

Who is the worst Referee in the NBA?  Well, obviously I'm not really in any position to answer this question.  It would be pretty tough to answer it objectively anyway.  There are over 60 referees working in the NBA, and I only see a tiny fraction of them.  But still, it's fun.

As you know, I am not fond of Zach Zarba.  He's one of the youngest refs in the league, and he appears to want to make up for his lack of experience with bravado calls.  Seems like the wrong approach to me.  Besides, he almost cost the Clippers the game in Minnesota.  And Citizen Alex is no fan of David Jones, or as we like to refer to him on ClipsNation, Fat Bald Ass Clown, or F-BAC for short.

But at the risk of being accused of sexism, I give you, Violet Palmer.  She's truly terrible.  As opposed to an NBA ref, she reminds me of a referee you would get in some Tuesday night rec league game.  She's just not really paying attention.  Every once in awhile, something catches her attention, and she blows the whistle and makes a call.  But she didn't really see the play.  She just felt compelled to blow the whistle, and then she has to call something.

Monday against the Warriors, Corey lost the ball out of bounds RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!  The ball slipped, and it went out of bounds.  No Warrior came within 4 feet of touching the ball or Corey.  She gave the ball to the Clippers.  Because, you know, she didn't see it, but it was her call, and usually guys don't just throw the ball out of bounds.

Fine, anyone can miss one call.  I guess she blinked or something.  But it just happens all the time with her.  Sam drew an offensive foul from Matt Barnes when they got a little tangled and Sam jumped back like he'd been rammed by a sumo wrestler.  Violet didn't see the play, but she blew the whistle and called an offensive foul on Barnes.  I honestly think Sam knows it's her, and goes into his act when she's close by.  

I could give you a hundred more examples.  But next time you see a game with Violet Palmer, pay attention to the calls she makes.  She only blows the whistle when she feels absolutely compelled to, and she always makes the 'reaction' call, whether she saw the play or not.