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Sure, it's a Clippers blog.  But wasn't that a great game last night in the Fiesta Bowl?  

The ClipperWidow was not amused.  She already has to deal with me screaming at the TV during Clipper games, and there I was screaming at college football.  But anyone who roots for the underdog (and I'd say ClipsNation qualifies in that regard) had to love the way Boise State played.

To lead the whole way, lose the lead in improbable and devastating fashion, and then to ignore the devastation and come back to win... well, it was probably the most entertaining football game I've even seen.  I mean, the Sooners got 22 points in like 30 seconds, scoring literally every time they got the ball at the end, and still lost.  Meanwhile, Boise State converted not one, not two, but three game-on-the-line plays at the end of regulation and in OT, each one on a trick play.

Can we please get rid of the caste system that is the BCS now?