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Not a Good Sign

Before the Cleveland game last Saturday, I really believed the Clippers would win, because I simply wasn't impressed with the Cavs.  Then when second leading scorer Larry Hughes didn't suit up for the game they became all the more beatable.  The fact that they had the best record in the Eastern Conference seemed irrelevant - the East is just so weak, and the Cavs just aren't any good.  

After the Clippers lost, falling apart late in the third and through the fourth quarter, I felt like they'd given away a winnable game.  But I consoled deluded myself some by repeating that the Cavs were the best team in the East.  Maybe they weren't that bad after all.

Well, as the Cavs have continued their West coast trip, they've proven my initial impression correct.  In their last 5 games against Western Conference opponents, the 'best team in the East' is 1 and 4, with the lone win coming against the Clips.  They were blown out by Phoenix.  Fine, Phoenix is really good.  They were blown out tonight by Denver, without Carmelo Anthony.  Hmmm.  They were blown out by PORTLAND!  Crikey.  They only lost to Seattle by six, so that was nice for them.

Basically, the best team in the East can't beat anyone in the West.  Except the Clippers.