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Former Clippers

Well, the voting for Favorite Former Clipper has really tailed off, so it seems like it may be time to close the polls and declare a winner.  Out of Lamar Odom, Quentin Richardson, Bobby Simmons, Andre Miller, Matt Barnes and Michael Olowokandi, the ClipsNation Favorite Former Clipper is Quentin Richardson.  

In an upset, Lamar Odom came in second (surprising in that several comments have been vehemently anti-Lamar, although I should point out that it is not his fault he was traded to the Lakers), narrowly edging out Bobby Simmons.

I also found it surprising that Olowokandi avoided last place, getting three times as many votes as Mr. Personality, Andre Miller - Kandi got three votes, while Andre got one, and one assumes all four of those were protest votes of one kind or another.

In other former Clipper news, Earl Boykins and Brian Skinner are getting lots of run with the injury-riddled Bucks.  When Boykins was a Clipper, Gentry would leave him on the injured list most of the time, and I never understood that.  He's a game changer - you want him to get some minutes, if only to mix things up.  Of course, he's gone from a novelty to a 3rd guard to a starter in the last few years, and I never really saw that coming.  You gotta love Earl.  He would have won the poll if I'd included him on it, but it wouldn't have been fair to the rest of the former Clippers.

Marko Jaric has 'demanded' a trade in Minnesota.  Good luck with that, Marko.  Surprisingly, the Pistons are considering dealing Nazr Mohammed for him, but given that Nazr has averaged 13 minutes per game in January, half that with 2 DNP's since they acquired Webber.  

Maurice Taylor was waived by the Kings yesterday.  Don't feel too sorry for Mo.  He's being paid almost $11M this year between the Knicks and the Kings.  Maybe he can find a third team to pay him.

I saw Eric Piatkowski during the Suns-Wizards game on NBA-TV last night.  He looked really sharp in his suit.  Pike has played 4 minutes this season.  But I tell you what - I'd love to have his jumpshot on the Clippers right now.

The Charlotte Bobcats are becoming a safe haven for former Clippers, where Derek Anderson and Jeff McInnis have recently comprised their starting backcourt.  Anderson had a 29 point game earlier this season, and McInnis went for 19 and 9 assists Saturday against the Hawks.  McInnis was involved in a bizarre situation last week, when he was ejected from a game because his name was not on the active roster the Bobcats submitted.  Apparently, his hothead reputation betrayed him a bit as well, as his cell phone began to light up with friends asking him what he had done this time.  Former Clipper first round pick Melvin Ely is sitting on the Bobcats' bench, hoping for a rumored trade.