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Keep Corey - Play Corey

Well, I got myself all worked up with yesterday's post about Maggette.  I mean, the guy was 13th in the league in scoring two season's ago, and now he's doing mop up duty with Alvin Williams?  This will not stand!

So ClipsNation is officially launching the Keep Corey - Play Corey! campaign.  Citizen mp suggested a petition in the comments, and by golly, that's what we're doing.  I have created an online petition - anyone can sign, and there's an area for comments, and a place to identify yourself as a season ticket holder.  

If you feel that the Clippers should stop trying to trade Corey Maggette and should feature him more prominently and play him more minutes, then sign the petition.  If you don't feel that way, then don't.  I don't want a bunch of fake names.  I want this to be a valid representation of the sentiment in Clipper Nation.  You don't have to be a member of the ClipsNation blog to sign the petition.  You do have to provide your name and a valid email address, which is kept private by the online petition hosting site.  

Please help spread the word.  Tell your friends who are Clippers fans.  Tell the people sitting in your section at the games.  We must let MDSr and Elgin Baylor and DTS know how we feel.  Corey has been a Clipper longer than anyone else, and it would be a travesty to trade him for the likes of James Posey.  

Keep Corey - Play Corey!